"If the God you believe in as an idea doesn’t start showing up in what happens to you in your own life, you have as much cause for concern as if the God you don’t believe in as an idea does start showing up. It is absolutely crucial, therefore, to keep in constant touch with what is going on in your own life’s story and to pay close attention to what is going on in the stories of others’ lives. If God is present anywhere, it is in those stories that God is present. If God is not present in those stories, then they are scarcely worth telling." ~ Frederick Buechner

18 November 2014

Words and Yarn and Jams and Babies, Oh, My!

Credit: Cindy Arthur Photography and Design
N's uncle is in town this week for a business trip, and he treated us to a "grown up dinner" last night while the babes were in my friend Michelle's sweet and capable hands. She is quite the baby whisperer, and we were so grateful to have someone we trust with whom we could leave the children while we were out.In the course of our dinnertime conversation, it came up that I haven't posted here since ... August.


So here's the thing. 

Here in Texas, my Hooky business goes nearly DEAD from May through September, when it will gradually pick up again. This year, though, I had requests for items in time for Halloween costumes, so my little fingers have been kept quite busy for the past couple months. And I even have a wait list now!

I also took this past spring and summer off from my volunteer editing job so I could focus on being a mama of two. That means that I am attempting to double-time it this fall with editing two units instead of one. 

I'm also working at our church in childcare several times a week. And finally, after hosting an incredible party, I joined Jamberry as a consultant a couple months ago!

I am incredibly grateful for how the Lord has provided these opportunities for me to work and contribute financially to our family. However, needless to say, I've been a little busy.

And terrible at blogging.

The silver lining is that there are lots of cute things coming off my hook, as you can see!

And I have pretty nails!
So there's a little catch up! And maybe I'll post again before next summer!