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15 August 2012

Substitute Gifts (Which Are Really Just As Good!)

I don't feel that I can post all of today's Joy Dare (3 Gifts Ugly-Beautiful) in a public forum, but ...
There's a roast in the slow cooker for dinner tonight,
N brought home a GORGEOUS rose for me yesterday from Jan's Florist
down the road because I had some heart-breaking news,
And this company, among many other beautiful businesses/organizations, exists!

All the above Sseko pictures are from their website.

I first found out about Sseko Designs when my friend Rachel began talking about them from Uganda, where she worked as a librarian in a seminary, updating the library and equipping students to effectively make use of its resources. I love a good cause and my heart is always soft for Africa, but I just couldn't afford sandals for myself. 

But I wanted to support the cause, so I emailed Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond about Sseko Designs, asking her to feature their business on her blog. She often blogs about different causes, and I felt that this was one that really did deserve some publicity.

This was months and months ago, and in the interim, Rachel offered to purchase a pair for me in Uganda (where it was cheaper than through their U.S. website because the shipping and processing costs aren't an issue there) and send them to me. I jumped on the chance.
I picked the "Starboard" straps. Aren't they fun?! I have them tied in a "slip-on" tie, because with an active toddler, I don't have time to re-tie my sandals every time I go out. I've worn them almost every day this summer.

Then, two days ago, THIS was posted with a shout-out from Ree to yours truly and a couple other ladies who also are supporters of Sseko Designs. And Liz (the beautiful blond founder of Sseko Designs pictured above) emailed me an offer for a gift of new straps as a thank you!

So those are my three substitute gifts for today's Joy Dare. Think about yours (share them if you'd like), and please check out Sseko Designs and consider supporting their cause!


  1. Hannah - I went to high school with Liz! It IS an awesome business, isn't it? It was so good to see you in STL this summer. Take care :)

    1. Steph, it is QUITE the small world when many of your friends are globetrotters. :~) I so enjoyed having the chance to see you, as well, and meet your little Eden. Glad you're all safely home.