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04 October 2012

Farewell, farewell, Kindermusik

Little B was only seven months old when we began attending our local Kindermusik class.

To give you a bit of perspective, at 6-7 months old, this is what he looked like.
Ready for music class!
Truly, B and I have loved Kindermusik. B loves music and dancing, and we really do have to give some credit to music class for encouraging both. Any time he hears something with a good beat, he starts bopping his head or, if there's room, he grooves his little bottom, raises the elbows, and hops around with zeal.

Ms. Renee has been such an incredible blessing to us as well. She's just plain fun for the kids. She's energetic, teaches with enthusiasm, does quirky voices during the weekly story-time, and best of all, she wears terrific socks! For a few months, B was really into socks, and each time we went to Kindermusik, he would point to Ms. Renee's socks and say, "Lock!" (sock).

In the midst of all the creative fun, we (well, mostly us caregivers who accompany the little ones) actually learn real musical terms. I would have never known about syncopation had it not been for Kindermusik!

Today, we attended our last Kindermusik class with Ms. Renee. And being the sentimentalist that I am, I photo-documented it pretty extensively. So here you go!
The house I always look for so I know when to turn!
I forgot to get a picture of the "Horse Crossing" sign!
We take off our shoes for Kindermusik.
In the toddler class, we quietly read books until class starts.
Showing his buddies who just arrived where the books are
"It's our time to STOMP to Lawrence..." :~)
Notice how all the other munchkins are marching nicely in formation.
And then there's my little munchkin, happily dancing around the room like he owns it.
Instrument time!
Most of the parachute shots are blurry, because I was trying to hold the chute with one hand and take pictures with the other.
"Dust, dust, dust!"
Rest time with the quiet song. Notice how all the little girls are lying down nicely...
The toddlers get hand stamps after they put their shoes on. B loves this part!
We were walking down the hall after class for our weekly drink at the water fountain, when B turned around, ran back to Ms. Renee and gave her a B-hug (which is more like a lean-in). It absolutely melted my heart. He trotted back to me with a pleased grin on his face and said, "Nay!" (Renee).

I replied, "You gave a goodbye hug to Ms. Renee. That was so nice, buddy." He nodded, satisfied that I had understood, and we headed down the hall for our last drink before driving off in our car.
Thank you for 3 wonderful semesters of 
music and friendship, Ms. Renee
We will miss you!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful blog, Hannah. What an honor to have you and Brennan in class for the past two years! I will miss you both.

    Ms. Renee

    1. Thanks for reading! :~) If you are ever in the Dallas area, please drop us a note!