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31 January 2013

Lucy's Muffins

Lucy from Attic 24 is pretty much a celebrity in the crochet-blogging world. She works with bright, cheerful colors and posts beautiful pictures from her hometown in "North of England."

Remember my granny stripe that is this year's Big Project? Here's a reminder:

It's one of Lucy's patterns. I veered from her main color palette and added some of my own picks, but the idea is hers.

Here's something else I've made of hers.

Sorry for the terrible lighting. That outer layer is actually a teal color.

Any guesses what it's going to be? I won't tell yet, but it's for one of my homemade pay-it-forward buddies this year.

Check out Lucy's blog. It's a haven of happiness.

I mean, how could something like this not make you feel a teensy bit better inside?
Photo Credit: Lucy from Attic 24
Granted, those pictures are from a trip she took to Provence last fall (and you all know how dear Provence is to my heart).

Recently, she posted about her "easy peasy muffins," and what really got my attention about them was that the recipe makes just six muffins. One of the reasons I don't bake much is that there are only three of us. Whenever I bake something, the last third or fourth of whatever I make ends up sitting around and getting sort of funky. I hate having to throw away food -- it's incredibly wasteful.

This recipe is perfect for a little family. I tried a batch after B went to bed last night, and N and I promptly gobbled up four of them -- two each. They were so warm and good and "yummy tummy," as B likes to say.

I thought I'd share Lucy's recipe with you. I'm nice like that. I don't keep all the goodness to myself.

All I need to know, I learned in kindergarten. (Read the poem here).
Anyway, here's the non-metric version of the recipe for my American readers.

*Mix 1 c self-rising flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder, and 1/4 c sugar together.
*In a separate bowl, mix 1/3 c milk, 2 T sunflower oil, 1 egg, and 1/2 tsp vanilla. I also added a dash of orange extract. It was amazing with the raspberries.
*Mix the liquid into the dry ingredients.
*Line a muffin tin (NOT a cupcake tin) with cupcake liners. Trust me, they make it much, much easier to remove the muffins.
*Spoon a large dollop of batter into each little section. Sprinkle two or three or six berries or pieces of fruit or what have you on top. Spoon more batter on top. Top off with a couple more berries. I used raspberries yesterday, and they were perfect.
*Bake for 25 minutes at 350F.
I have a million leftover Christmas-themed cupcake liners from a couple years ago. Don't judge.


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  2. Those muffins looks positively delicious. Thank you for sharing and linking up for tasty tuesday! Mangia!