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25 March 2013

A Hooky Reveal: UGA!

I have been waiting for ages to share my most recent Hannah Plays Hooky order with you all, and I finally can!

Introducing Uga, the all-white bulldog mascot of the University of Georgia! Isn't he cute with his little red college sweater?
My beautiful friend Brittany is a proud alumna of UGA, as is her younger sister, who is expecting her first little one soon (a baby girl!). They both met their respective husbands there, as well, so UGA is significant to them in many ways.

Brittany contacted me several weeks ago regarding a homemade, Hannah Plays Hooky special for her new niece. After throwing around some ideas, we decided on an Uga!

I have to be honest, you guys, this was by far the most intensive, detailed project I have ever crocheted. Hands down. But it was also one of the most rewarding to complete. It was so fun to see him growing, piece by piece, and I was so thrilled to get an email from Brittany saying that she loved how he turned out.

She wrote to tell me he had arrived safely: "Uga arrived!! He is soooooo awesome! I absolutely love him and am so impressed you actually made that. Part of me wishes I didn't have to give him away tomorrow!"

I love hearing things like that from satisfied customers!

You can hop on over to my business page and see more pictures of Uga, as well as other great items I have had the privilege of making recently.


  1. Although I was VERY sad to part with Uga, I did give him to my sister as planned. He was such a huge hit at the shower. Hannah, you need to start sending business cards with your packages - I had a lot of questions from other UGA grads at the shower about where they could get their own Uga. :)

    1. I actually JUST had some printed (just not in time to send you any)! :~) So glad Uga was such a hit!