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05 March 2013

Thrifty Frivolity: Homemade Eye Make-Up Remover

Pretty much no one who actually knows me would use "frivolous" as a word to describe me. But I wanted to use the word "frivolity" somewhere in my blogging.

That said, today, I want to share this life-changing* recipe for homemade eye make-up remover that I discovered on Pinterest (of course).

I view DIY posts on Pinterest with a hefty dose of skepticism. I mean, have you seen some of the terrible turns those projects can take? And the cynic in me wonders if there are people out there who just pin random images and fabricate "recipes" or "projects" to go along with them, just to see how many people will re-pin without checking for the actual source.

How many people click on the images to get to the original source? Anyone? Is it just me?


Anyway. Ahem. About that eye make-up remover.

Do you know that even the least expensive eye make-up remover runs almost five dollars these days?  They don't work that well. I've tried three different kinds. I've swabbed and swabbed, sometimes causing my eyelids to feel a little tender, in order to get all the make-up off, and I don't even wear a lot! And I would still wake up looking like some kind of raccoon. Some of them make my eyes burn. And if you're going to spring for the good stuff, you're looking at over fifteen dollars for an itty-bitty little bottle of solution. No can do.

I figured it was worth trying this recipe last fall, when I ran out of my last store-bought bottle of eye make-up remover.  I already had all the ingredients, so there was nothing to lose.

It works like a charm, friends! I use two cotton balls now, one for each eye, when before, I would go through three or four for each eye.

So here's the oh-so-easy, simple, CHEAP recipe. It costs less than a quarter to make, and you'll be set for months.

Add the following into a small jar or bottle:

1/2 c filtered water
3/4 T tear-free baby shampoo (I used California Baby)
1 squirt baby oil (I used Aura Cacia)


That's all, folks.

Easy peasy.
Here's what mine looks like un-shaken:
And shaken:

Next time you run out of eye make-up remove, try this. I promise you, it works!

*Update 12 March 2013: My husband just read this post and snickered at my use of the term "life-changing." I informed him that it was, indeed, life-changing, as I will be spending $5-15 less per bottle of remover from now on.

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