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01 November 2013

Summer-Fall Hooky Update

The summer was relatively slow here in Texas. No one is thinking "yarn" when it's 100+ degrees out. That was probably not a bad thing, since I was spending a lot more time in our bathroom than I care to think about.

Anyway, now that the temperatures have finally descended to below 80 degrees and our grass is green again (living in Texas makes me feel a little confused ... I mean, flowers start blooming again in the fall!), lots of cream-paper-packages-tied-up-with-string have been going out in the mail!

An assortment of hair bows
Flocks of owls for lots of little owlets*
Two different styles of pumpkin hats
An adorable little pumpkin modeling her "punky" outfit
A "bug beanie" for a beautiful girl who dreams of becoming an entomologist someday
Froggy hats
A specially-requested panda hat for a beautiful Violet
Christmas stockings for four wonderful kiddos living in Thailand (they picked their favorite colors)
Birthday presents for four-year-old twin boys*
A "rainbow unicorn" for a unicorn-loving little girl*
A penguin hat for our own Little B*
A turkey beanie and a "Roll Over, Rover" beanie for a cutie-patootie
Did you know that baby turkeys are called "poults"? I didn't until today!
A girly newborn beanie**
A new winter hat for a much-awaited baby girl**
And yet another VHC newborn set (I think this one was used for a Halloween costume)
Note: All my work is custom-designed and made unless otherwise indicated below. Please do not distribute or re-publish any of my photos as your own. If you use any designers' patterns, please always credit their work honestly.

*Made either using patterns or adapted from patterns by Sarah Zimmerman of Repeat Crafter Me
**Made either using patterns or adapted from patterns by Alli from


  1. Love the variety of patterns and designs. As it gets cooler, I have been thinking about picking up the crocheting again (if I survive end-of-quarter grading [which I am taking a mini-break from right now]). I'm especially impressed with the stockings! I can make hats galore--but I've never attempted socks. ONe of the other teachers at my school and I would really like to start a crocheting/knitting club for the students, and this all gives me new inspiration. Glad to hear that you are feeling better--I DID miss your blog posts, actually. And I hope that the second half of your pregnancy goes really well, and that she gets all her cantankerousness out in the womb, and comes out sleeping through the nights. :)

    1. Thanks for your note, Danielle. It would be very fun to see you start a crochet/knit club with your students and to see what they come up with to make!

      And what a lovely hope, that this little one will come out sleeping through the night! :~D I surely wouldn't complain about that!