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11 July 2014

Cow Appreciation Day 2014

Earlier this week, I noticed on Chick-fil-A's FB page that today was their annual Cow Appreciation Day. For those who don't know, if you show up to Chick-fil-A wearing a full cow costume on Cow Appreciation Day, you get your entire meal free. If you wear a cow "accessory," you get a free entree.

I've been wanting to work on a "fun" crochet project for a while, one that would be quicker than some of the things I've had on my plate recently. I decided I wanted to make the littles cow hats for today.

I worked on them this morning as I waited for Little Lady to wake up. She had a late night last night, and she slept in until past 10 a.m.! Little B played nearby in the kitchen and then came and kept me company, doing his own "yarn work." He said he was making a "beautiful hat for Daddy."
I finished the hats just in time for us to head out the door for dinner.

This was the first time we have participated in Cow Appreciation Day. We figured out that, pretty much, if you wear a cow shirt and ears, it counts as a "full costume." I guess B and I have a craft project for next year!
And here is our Little Lady in her hat and a hand-me-down cow diaper from Little B:
Yep. Pretty much, the cutest little cows we've ever seen around these parts!

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  1. OH MY GOSH HOW ADORABLE!!!! Seriously, I am LOVING those hats! You should market and sell them for next year :)