"If the God you believe in as an idea doesn’t start showing up in what happens to you in your own life, you have as much cause for concern as if the God you don’t believe in as an idea does start showing up. It is absolutely crucial, therefore, to keep in constant touch with what is going on in your own life’s story and to pay close attention to what is going on in the stories of others’ lives. If God is present anywhere, it is in those stories that God is present. If God is not present in those stories, then they are scarcely worth telling." ~ Frederick Buechner

12 August 2012

Our (Probably) Last Time in Lake Placid

4 years and 8 days ago, on 8.8.08, under a dramatic Adirondack sky, N and I made the most important promise of our lives to one another.
The weather was much worse yesterday as we set out for our belated anniversary dinner last night, but as we took the exit off the Northway, we saw this gift in the sky.
Breath-taking Adirondack mountains
Lake Placid Village
We had one of the best and most memorable meals of our honeymoon here.
N: "The best meat I've ever had in my life!"
We sure will miss these mountains.
Saturday: 3 Gifts of Metal
- engagement/wedding rings (thankful every day - even on the HARD days - for my marriage), crochet hooks to make many gifts of love, airplanes that bring people together all over the world

Sunday: 3 Gifts Half-Hidden 
- my sewing machine that sits on top of the dryer in the laundry room, so B can't get at it; a frame sitting on the kitchen counter that holds a photo of much-loved, not-often-seen-in-person faces; the stereo that sits on top of the kitchen cabinets that plays music to which we have stompin' kitchen dance parties every day

What are yours?