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16 January 2013

B's Potential Music Class

When Bubs wakes up in the morning, I tell him about the plans for the day. Yesterday, the schedule included checking out a local Kindermusik class later in the morning.

He talked about it all morning before we left.

"Music class? Music class?"

B is currently in the 18-months to 3-year-old group, which, in my opinion, is a bit of a wide gap. As an almost-two-year-old, B towered over most of the other children, particularly because a good chunk of the class was comprised of dainty little girls. A couple of the toddlers had big brothers with them, thankfully. I love that B is his healthy, long and lean self, but sometimes, given his height, I feel know other people expect him to be more advanced than would be reasonable for his age.

And of course, there's also the fact that he always had that serious face as a baby.

I looked for a picture to include here, but all of B's infant photos are on our external hard drive, which is buried in a box in our office. Once he learned to engage people, the serious face disappeared for good. He is my cheerful, rambunctious, curious toddler now, and I love it - most of the time.

We liked the class. I didn't love it (not like I loved our Kindermusik class in NY), but B enjoyed the instruments, dancing with me, having other small children around. But as we were leaving (we were so glad to see that the teacher had stamps for the children's hands, just like Ms. Renee!), he kept asking, "'Nay? 'Nay?" He wanted to know where his beloved teacher was. I explained to him that this was a new class, with a new teacher.

We'll have to decide whether we're going to enroll him in this class. 

Following our jaunt to Kindermusik, we popped by the grocery store to pick up a few things. By the time we got home, it was nearly two hours past his regular naptime. He had a snack and some milk, then conked out for a good two-and-a-half hours.

It's hard work being a toddler.
Check and see if there's a Kindermusik class near you!
If you live in upstate NY near Saratoga Springs (and you have preschool-age children), you should definitely go to Ms. Renee's class. She is a gem of a teacher.

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  1. Thanks, Hannah. You're the best! Sounds like you're finding many fun things to do in Texas. Say "Hi" to B from me!!