"If the God you believe in as an idea doesn’t start showing up in what happens to you in your own life, you have as much cause for concern as if the God you don’t believe in as an idea does start showing up. It is absolutely crucial, therefore, to keep in constant touch with what is going on in your own life’s story and to pay close attention to what is going on in the stories of others’ lives. If God is present anywhere, it is in those stories that God is present. If God is not present in those stories, then they are scarcely worth telling." ~ Frederick Buechner

19 March 2013

A Week of Hair

I go through seasons with my hair. I grow it long (very long), and then, when I get tired of maintaining the length, I cut it all off and donate it. I've donated to Locks of Love and Pantene's Beautiful Lengths in the past, both of which are terrific organizations.

One of the fun parts of having long hair is being able to do a whole lot of creative things with it.

So, without further ado, here is a week of hair.


DAY 3 (I went a little crazy this day.)


I tried this one and it was an "epic fail," as kids say. But I've found other tutorials and pictures since, so I'll give it a go again soon.
That said, I'll leave you with some adorable-ness. Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


  1. What a fun post! Enjoy your hair and your son's too. :-)

    1. Thank you! :~) And I just want to tell you how much I love the fact that you are a fan of "Fried Green Tomatoes"!

  2. Those are great! I think I like day one best. One of these days, I'll learn to do my hair. ;)

    1. Hi, Elise! Thanks for stopping by and for leaving me a note!

      I'm envious of your access to grass-fed beef!

  3. Love your creativity with hairstyles. Sometimes I feel pretty boring with alternating mostly between buns and ponytails. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi, Jelli! I have to say, "Jellibean Journals" is a fabulous name for a blog! I love it!

      And I love your glasses! I don't think I could rock glasses like some people (including you) do. I hope I won't ever have to try! :~)

      Thanks for visiting!