"If the God you believe in as an idea doesn’t start showing up in what happens to you in your own life, you have as much cause for concern as if the God you don’t believe in as an idea does start showing up. It is absolutely crucial, therefore, to keep in constant touch with what is going on in your own life’s story and to pay close attention to what is going on in the stories of others’ lives. If God is present anywhere, it is in those stories that God is present. If God is not present in those stories, then they are scarcely worth telling." ~ Frederick Buechner

02 August 2012

A Late Night Note

I decided to drive up to the nearest Jo-Ann store tonight (time to myself!) to see if I could make use of my coupons.

Who am I kidding? There's ALWAYS something I want from a craft store.

Well, unfortunately, the coupon I wanted to use doesn't start until tomorrow, and the mean manager refused to let me use it 12 hours early. She said it would "put [their] company in jeopardy" if they did things like that.


I decided to go peruse the children's section in Target instead, since we have a birthday party this weekend.

(I won't post what I got yet, just in case Jessica gets a peek at this. I'll share after Saturday, because I got one for Little B, too, I liked it so much!)

Then I ran into my friend Tanya at the Starbucks in Target.

And then I found the ice cream section.

Where I found pints of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato ice cream.

I splurged.

I felt very unlike myself.

Anyway, all that to say that after getting home, eating ice cream, watching some of the Olympics, and N finishing what he was doing on the computer, I didn't get online until half an hour ago (11:30).

Here is a granny stripe blanket I've been working on.
I'm a bit stuck as to what to do for a border. I've been mulling it over, looking at various patterns on crochet blogs, and asking for suggestions from my lovely FB crocheting group members. If you have ideas, I'd love them! Keep in mind that it's for a little boy, so no ruffles or flowers, please!
Today's Joy Dare (via Ann Voskamp): 3 Gifts Eaten

Mine are: basil spinach omelette wrap, bulgogi with kimchi, caramel macchiato ice cream 

What are yours?

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